The record of Niitvälja Karikas is at risk

The second day of XXX Niitvälja Karikas by Infortar was very intense and brought along a number of changes at the top of the rankings. The only one to retain his first place on the second day was pro Ilari Saulo (Keimola Golf) in the men’s class who increased his lead ahead of others with his result (-4) today. In addition to Saulo, eight other competitors also completed the course under par today, which shows the high level of Niitvälja Karikas. The final day tomorrow is guaranteed to be very exciting, as all places in the top ten can still change drastically tomorrow!

The men’s class leader Ilari Saulo has 136 (-8) strokes in total over the two days; thereat, he made an eagle on the fourth hole today. As the current record of Niitvälja Karikas is -9 (by Peter Gustafsson in 2016), this means that tomorrow might bring the new record of Niitvälja Karikas!

Mattias Varjun and Ralf Johan Kivi of Niitvälja Golf and Richard Teder of Estonian Golf & Country Club also played great today, all of them achieving 70 strokes (-2). This lifted them to the shared second place with pro Mark Suursalu (Niitvälja Golf) who played the course’s par today. Pro Sami Santala (Hyvinkään Golf) who was in the top three after the opening day dropped to the sixth place with his result (73 strokes or +1) today, sharing the spot with his compatriot Rasmus Pietilä (St. Laurence Golf). Both men have collected 142 strokes or -2 over the two days. Another player of Niitvälja Golf, Kevin Christopher Jegers, also played very well today (69 strokes or -3), rising eleven places in the ranking and reaching the top ten. In total, 37 players will get to play on the final day in the men’s class, with the last player who made the final cut achieving 164 strokes or +20.

The best in the women’s class today was the title defender Anete Liis Adul (EGCC) with 69 strokes or -3. This result lifted Adul from the fifth place to the second (153 strokes or +9, in total). Adul was very happy about today’s round, as it was a clean, ‘bogey-free’ round. The first place is currently held by Elizaveta Sofia Reemet (EGCC) with 150 strokes or +6, in total. Hannah Õunap (Valgeranna Golf Club), the leader after the opening day, played a good 78 strokes (+6) today, but still dropped two places from the first place to the third (154 strokes or +10) over the two days. Yesterday’s third Liis Kuuli who is the reigning champion of Niitvälja Golf Club achieved the same result as Õunap today (+6) and dropped to the fourth place. Eight players will get to play in the women’s class on the final day tomorrow after the final cut, with the last player who made the final cut achieving the result of +32 strokes over the two days.

The top three of the senior men’s class also saw some exciting changes today. The title defender Jukka Pajunen (Golf Pirkkala) who was in the first place after the opening day played 87 strokes (+15) today and is now sharing the second place. Pajunen who has played 160 strokes (+16) in total over the two days is sharing the second place with Jan Larsson from EGCC who also played very well today (+7) and improved his place by three spots. The first place is held by Gunnar Kobin (EGCC) after the first two days with 158 strokes or +14. Karl Lell from Niitvälja Golf whose achievement (+6) today was the best in the senior men’s class is also worth mentioning. Lell climbed to the fourth place with this result. The result of Andrew Darlington (Vuosaari Golf Helsinki) who was third after the opening day was 163 strokes and +13 after the second day.

Three fifths of the players from each class will be able to take part in the final competition tomorrow based on the results of the first two days. The consecutive starts from tees one and ten will start at 9 am tomorrow and the day will peak with an award ceremony after the last players have finished the competition. Keep an eye on the results here and come to the golf course to support your favourites! The final day is guaranteed to be interesting!

More information about Niitvälja Karikas can be found on the website of the competition.

See also the gallery of Niitvälja Karikas by Infortar. The gallery is regularly updated! Photographer: Mats Soomre.