Niitvälja is the home of Estonian golf. Just 30 km outside of Tallinn, our course has become synonymous with golf in the country over the years.


PAR20 Course

Practice facilities




As the oldest golf course in the Baltic states, Niitvälja has been the pioneer of Estonian golf.  Today, we welcome you to an 18-hole quality course and a 5-hole pay-and-play course. As proof of our high quality, Estonian golfers have chosen us the country’s best golf centre many years in a row.

The 18-hole Park course is characterized first and foremost by its natural features, including its untouched forests and abundance of water, all of which guarantee an unforgettable golfing experience. In addition to the quality of our course, we find it important that the top players can challenge themselves and the club players enjoy a stressless and inspiring round. The jewel in the crown of the course is the 15th hole (par 5), which ends on a floating green, named the Island of Tears by the players.

Niitvälja Golf has been the home of the Estonian championships for many years and it has also played host to a number of international tournaments. In addition, it is home to the oldest international golf tournament in the Baltics, Niitvälja Karikas, held yearly from 1993 and offering R&A World Amateur Golf Ranking points.

Andrew Marshall / European Tour player: Niitvälja reminds me of the new Marquess course at the Woburn Golf Club in England, where the 2015 British Masters and 2016 Women’s British Open were held. The last nine holes at Niitvälja with their gorgeous pine trees are truly special, not only in terms of how they look, but also how they play.

Visitor Information

Handicap (HCP) 54 (recommendation max. 36).

Dresscode Sporty clothing fit for a golf course.

Tee time bookings on our website by clicking the Book Online button or at the caddiemaster. If you’re unable to play at the chosen time, please cancel your booking no later than 24 hours prior.

Join our loyalty programme to enjoy many benefits and special offers. The only thing you need to do is to buy one green fee and leave us your contact details. More information here.

The clubhouse’s changing rooms and saunas can be used free of charge (lockers and towels available). Our sauna section comprises of Finnish sauna, steam room, cold-water pool, resting area and outside terrace.

The restaurant’s menu and opening hours can be found on our website.

Pro shop provides players with everything they need for their game: tees, balls, gloves, clothes etc.

Equipment rental is available at the clubhouse. Please find the pricelist here.

Golf carts are available upon pre-booking at the caddiemaster.

Trolleys are available without pre-booking.

Range, practice facilities Ideal for practicing and warm-up before the round. Free use for all players. Driving range balls can be obtained at the caddiemaster.

Course Care. Repairing divots – tidy up after your strokes by using divot bags. Practice swings –  try not to harm the grass when taking your practise swings.  Repairing ball-marks – always repair the landing marks of the ball on the green. Bunker rake policy – before leaving the bunker, flatten your footprints and other marks with a rake.

Pace of play An 18-hole round at the Park Course must be played within 4 hours 28 minutes. The scorecard shows the maximum time reserved for each hole. In normal conditions, playing the course in a group of four should take less than 4 hours.

Safety Every player is responsible for safety on the course during their stroke.

Niitvälja Golf has the right to refrain from servicing any player, who refuses to follow the rules. In this case, the paid fee is non-refundable.

Course Information

Architect The original plan of the Park Course is made by Swedish field architect Åke Persson. The expansion of 2006 was designed by Peter Chamberlain from England.

CR / SR (Course Rating / Slope Rating)

Grass type of the greens Creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera).

Grass type of the fairways Mix of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis), Chewing’s fescue (Festuca rubra commutate) and Slender creeping red fescue (Festuca rubra trichophylla).

Local rules can be found on our website, clubhouse’s message board and at the first tee.

Hole profiles are available on our website.

Distance markers on the course 200 m white, 150 m yellow, 100 m red. All distances are measured from the center of the green.

Café can be found between holes 9 and 10. They serve coffee, soft drinks, beer and snacks.

Toilets on Park Course are situated between holes 6 and 7, holes 9 and 10, and holes 13 and 14.

Local Rules

Out of bounds (Rule 18.2) out of bounds is defined with white stakes and/or white line, fence posts are used on the left side of hole 4 and right side of hole 13. When both stakes and line is used, marking line applies.

Penalty Areas (Rule 17) penalty area is marked with yellow or with red markers /or line. When both stakes and line is used, marking line applies.

Playing Ball From Outside Relief Area When Taking Back-On-the-Line Relief (Local Rule E-12) – When taking Back-On-the-Line relief, there is no additional penalty if a player plays a ball that was dropped in the relief area (Rules 16.1c(2), 17.1d(2), 19.2b or 19.3b) but came to rest outside the relief area within one club-length of where it first touched the ground when dropped. This exemption from additional penalty applies even if the ball came to rest nearer the hole than the reference point. However, this exemption from additional penalty doesn’t apply, if the ball came to rest nearer the hole than the spot of the original ball or the estimated point where the ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area.

Movable obstructions (Rule 15.2) – next tee signs, distance markers to the centre of the green (red 100m, yellow 150m, blue 200m).

Immovable obstructions (Rule 16.1) built roads, wells, benches, tee markers, tee signs, ball washers, penalty area markers, sprinkler heads, wooden perimeter of the island green of hole 15 and the wire net fence surrounding the perimeter (excluding from fence posts), 10th tee snack bar, toilets, advertising banners and flags .

Ground under repair (Rule 16) a) Ground under repair is marked with blue stakes or blue line. When both stakes and line is used, marking line applies.; b) Ground under repair from which playing is prohibited, is marked with blue-white stakes; c) The latter ground under repair includes ants nests, flower beds, pine bark mulch area with a wooden border and marked (with planting stick) planted trees and it is not allowed to play the ball from there.

Breach of local rules: Matchplay: loss of hole; Strokeplay: two strokes

Rules for Using the Golf Course

Niitvälja Golf has established the rules for using the golf course to protect our course and ensure the welfare of our players on the court. In order to allow all players to enjoy a game of golf and our greenkeeping to maintain the course and offer the best quality to the golfers, each and every player must observe these rules for using the golf course. If the rules are disregarded, we will issue an official warning to the player; if a player has collected several warnings, however, we may restrict their booking rights or apply a temporary or permanent suspension.

1. General requirements
  • The courts of Niitvälja Golf are open for players from 7 a.m. in the summer period and from dawn in the winter period. It is not permitted to start playing from the first tee before the opening time, because the greenkeeper is still performing maintenance works on the course. Hole 10 may only be used with the caddiemaster’s permission.
  • The visitors of Niitvälja Golf are expected to treat any equipment prudently, clean after themselves, and conduct themselves politely in the premises and in the territory of Niitvälja Golf. The holes of Niitvälja Golf may only be used for playing golf pursuant to these rules.
  • The players must observe any signs placed on the course and any orders provided on the information boards while playing or practising golf. If the flags have been moved from the greens to the winter greens, it is not permitted to play on the respective greens. If the marking of a teeing area have been temporarily moved from the teeing area to next to the teeing area, the teeing area may not be used for making shots.
  • Golf must be played at a vigorous pace on the court. All players must keep in mind that their pace affects other players (the players in their group, as well as the players in the following groups).
  • All players must ensure the safety of other individuals on the course when making their shots. The players must make sure that the group which is moving ahead of them has moved out of their shooting range buy the time of making the shot. Shots may never be made when the greenkeeper is performing maintenance works on the golf course. In this case, the players must wait until the greenkeeper has finished their work or permitted the players to pass them.
  • The services of Niitvälja Golf may only be used of the player has paid a fee based on the established price list before stating to use the service.
  • The players should behave and dress on the golf course as is appropriate based on the golf etiquette. It is not permitted to distract or disturb other players or any other visitors to the course.
  • Niitvälja Golf will not be held liable for the personal property of clients, nor for any cases of illness or accidents which are caused by the own actions of the members or arise from force majeure.
  • Niitvälja Golf reserves the right to retain the personal data and photos of its clients. Video surveillance is used in the indoor premises and on the court of Niitvälja Golf to ensure security and observing the rules of using the golf course and to protect the property of the golf centre and the clients.
  • The employees of Niitvälja Golf may ask the clients to present a document for identification purposes.
  • The clients may use the lockers in the locker rooms. After leaving the territory of the course, the locker key must be left in the lock. In the event of damaging or losing a locker key, the client must pay compensation based on the established price list. The lockers in the locker rooms are only meant for using during the opening hours of Niitvälja Golf. Only those players who have rented a locker in the locker room may leave their personal belongings in a locker after leaving the court (during the day or overnight).
  • Any lost and found items are held at the caddiemaster of Niitvälja Golf until the end of the season.
  • It is not permitted to use oils, honey, salts, or other body treatment products in the saunas.
  • The employees of the golf centre may remove any intoxicated individuals or individuals who are violating the golf etiquette in any other manner from the territory of the golf centre.
  • The territory of the golf centre may be used for giving golf lessons only by those individuals who have concluded a respective written agreement with Niitvälja Golf.
2. The requirements applying on the practice facilities

On the practice facilities, the client must:

  • refrain from disturbing or distracting the practising of other players by their behaviour;
  • behave carefully and observe any safety requirements applicable;
  • repair divots when practising on a lawn tee;
  • before leaving the bunker, flatten your footprints and other marks with a rake;
  • avoid damaging the grass (divots) in the immediate vicinity of the practice greens;
  • refrain from making pitching shots to the greens in front of the clubhouse;
  • keep in mind that lawn tees may only be used by the players with a HCPI of no more than 36.
3. The requirements for playing on the course

The clients of the golf course must:

  • Always book a tee time before stating a round and observe their booked times. It is not permitted to enter the course without booking a tee time, i.e. players who are not registered in the booking system may not be present on the golf course. Tee times can be booked on the website of Niitvälja Golf or with the caddiemaster. For groups, rounds can only be booked via the caddiemaster.
  • If a player is unable to use their booked tee time, they must cancel their tee time in the booking system or notify the caddiemaster as soon as possible. Bookings may be cancelled up to 24 hours before the tee time.
  • Niitvälja Golf must be notified of any changes, e.g. if the name of the player’s playing mate changes or if the client is going to substitute another player, the respective change must be made in the booking system or the caddiemaster must be notified thereof.
  • Players must use their booking rights responsible – this way, as many players as possible will be able to enjoy golf. The golf centre may restrict a player’s booking rights in the event of consistent abuse of the booking rights. If a group of less than four people has been booked to play, the caddiemaster may add other players to the same flight or add different groups together. The caddiemaster will inform the players of moving the tee time to an earlier or more than sixteen minutes later time.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or set on mute during playing. Any telephone calls which disturb other players or slow down the pace of playing must be avoided.
  • Any divots of strokes must be repaired (by using the divot bags, except in the case of the divots from the teeing area, which are not fixed).
  • Any tees which are broken in the teeing area must be placed in the urn designed for this purpose.
  • The tees used must be made of wood or other natural materials (e.g. corn). Plastic tees may not be used as they may damage the equipment of the course.
  • Any landing marks of the ball on the green must be repaired.
  • The bunker must be raked before leaving the bunker, and the rake must be placed in the bunker crosswise with respect to the playing direction so that it extends partially out of the bunker.
  • Damaging the grass must be prevented during practice swings.
  • The players must make sure that the group which is moving ahead of them has moved out of the player’s shooting range by the time of making the shot.
  • Any employees working on the course/greenkeepers must always be allowed to finish their work on the course before the game continues. The greenkeeper will notify the players that they may carry on playing as soon as possible.
  • The golf cart must be taken to the location which has been designed for this purpose after the game.
4. The pace of play

Golf must be played at a vigorous pace. All players must keep in mind that their pace affects other players in their group, as well as players in the following groups and their golfing pace.

  • Players should prepare for their shots in a good time and be prepared to play as soon as their turn arrives.
  • Players should be able to complete their shots within forty seconds after becoming able to make the shot without distractions. In most cases, players should take less than forty seconds to complete their shots.
  • Players should complete the entire round at a vigorous pace. This applies to the time required to prepare for shots and making the shots, moving from one spot to another between the shots, and moving to the teeing area of the next hole after completing one hole.

The eighteen holes of the Niitvälja Park course must be completed within 4 hours and 28 minutes. The maximum permitted time for completing each hole is specified on the scorecard.

The caddiemaster may add groups of less than four players together. This is done for the purposes of more efficient use of the course and keeping up the pace of the game.

5. Bringing an escort/caddie to the golf course
  • Each player may bring along to the golf course free of charge one escort who is not playing golf but would like to walk with the player. In this case, the player must register the name of their escort in their tee time booking or notify the caddiemaster of the escort. The player must also ensure and will be liable for the safety and prudent behaviour of their escort in the course of the entire round.
  • Dogs may only be brought to the golf course if they do not disturb other players (players of the same group as well as others). Dogs must be kept on a leash on the golf course and the player is responsible for cleaning after their dog. Bringing a dog to the golf course must be specified in advance in the tee time booking or reported to the caddiemaster. It is not permitted to bring dogs to the locker rooms or to the restaurant in the club building.
  • Prams/strollers may only be brought to the golf course if the baby does not disturb other players and if the player is prepared to ensure and be held liable for the baby’s safety. Moving with a pram/stroller is subject to the same rules as using a trolley. Bringing a pram/stroller to the golf course must be specified in advance in the tee time booking or reported to the caddiemaster.
6. The rights of Niitvälja Golf for ensuring order

The employees of Niitvälja Golf may refuse to provide the golfing service to an individual even if they have paid for playing (the green fee or the membership fee) if the individual:

  • fails to observe the rules and conditions for using the golf course;
  • has used the services of Niitvälja Golf and has not paid for those services;
  • distracts or disturbs the clients and visitors of Niitvälja Golf;
  • distracts or disturbs the employees or cooperation partners of Niitvälja Golf in performing their duties;
  • causes direct or indirect financial damage to Niitvälja Golf by their actions;
  • slanders or belittles Niitvälja Golf, its employees, or cooperation partners.
  • Representatives of Niitvälja Golf must notify the offender of the violation in writing and demand that they cease the violation immediately.
  • If the Management Board of AS Eesti Golfikeskus decides to refuse to provide the golfing service to an individual, the individual may no longer play golf on the courses of Niitvälja after having been notified of the decision. Any fees which have already been paid for the service will not be refunded. For an individual’s golfing right to be suspended, the individual must have repeatedly (at least twice) violated the rules of using the golf course. The individual must also immediately leave the territory of Niitvälja Golf (AS Eesti Golfikeskus) after having been notified of such decision and may not re-enter the territory of Niitvälja Golf (AS Eesti Golfikeskus) without a prior written consent of the Management Board of AS Eesti Golfikeskus. Any individuals who have been notified of a decision to refuse to provide the golfing service to them may only visit the territory of Niitvälja Golf (AS Eesti Golfikeskus) without a written consent of the Management Board of AS Eesti Golfikeskus if this is required for taking part in a general meeting of shareholders or if the individual participates in the activity of the governing bodies of AS Eesti Golfikeskus.
  • Niitvälja Golf may refuse to provide services to those individuals who have debts (overdue payments) to Niitvälja Golf.

The client of the golf centre confirms that they have read and consent to The Rules for Using the Golf Course, which are available on the website of Niitvälja Golf, and undertake to observe the requirements of the rules.

* Niitvälja Golf and the golf centre are used to refer to AS Eesti Golfikeskus, SA Niitvälja Golfikeskus, and MTÜ Niitvälja Golfiklubi.