Niitvälja is the home of Estonian golf. Just 30 km outside of Tallinn, our course has become synonymous with golf in the country over the years.



Practice facilities



The 18-hole Park course is characterised first and foremost by its natural features, including its untouched forests and abundance of water all of which guarantee an unforgettable golfing experience. The jewel in the crown of the course is the Par-5 15th hole, which ends on a floating green that players have named the island of tears. Niitvälja has been the home of the Estonian championships for many years and has also played host to a number of international tournaments.

Andrew Marshall / European Tour player: Niitvälja reminds me of the new Marquess course at the Woburn Golf Club in England, where the 2015 British Masters and 2016 Womens British Open were held. The last nine holes at Niitvälja with their gorgeous pine trees are truly special, not only in terms of how they look, but also how they play.

Local rules

Out of bounds (Rule 18.2) out of bounds is defined with white stakes and/or white line, fence posts are used on the left side of hole 4 and right side of hole 13. When both stakes and line is used, marking line applies.

Penalty Areas (Rule 17) penalty area is marked with yellow or with red markers /or line. When both stakes and line is used, marking line applies.

Movable obstructions (Rule 15.2) – next tee signs, distance markers to the centre of the green (red 100m, yellow 150m, blue 200m).

Immovable obstructions (Rule 16.1) built roads, wells, benches, tee markers, tee signs, ball washers, penalty area markers, sprinkler heads, wooden perimeter of the island green of hole 15 and the wire net fence surrounding the perimeter (excluding from fence posts), 10th tee snack bar, toilets, advertising banners and flags .

Ground under repair (Rule 16) a) Ground under repair is marked with blue stakes or blue line. When both stakes and line is used, marking line applies.; b) Ground under repair from which playing is prohibited, is marked with blue-white stakes; c) The latter ground under repair includes ants nests, flower beds and marked (with planting stick) planted trees and it is not allowed to play the ball from there.

Breach of local rules: Matchplay: loss of hole; Strokeplay: two strokes