Second day of Niitvälja Karikas was filled with birdies

The second day of XXVII Niitvälja Karikas brought changes in the top 3’s of many counts. This means that tomorrow’s final round will be all the more exciting. The second day of the competition witnessed a total of 117 birdies, and three competitors reached the par for the course or below: Ilari Saulo (-1), Sander Aadusaar (par) and Joonas Juan Turba (par).

After the second day, the professional count is led by Mark Suursalu (Niitvälja Golfiklubi), who made six birdies and ended the day with the score of 73 strokes (+1). Right behind him is Sander Aadusaar (Niitvälja Golfiklubi), who played the par for the course, taking him from yesterday’s third place up to second. The third place is now held by Egert Põldma (Rae Golfiklubi) with today’s result of 78 strokes (+6). Yesterday’s number four, Peter Gustafsson (San Roque Club) is down two places with the result of +9. After today, the fourth place was snatched up by Finland’s Eetu Isometsä (Vihti Golf) with 73 strokes (+1).

Sander Aadusaar summarised the second day as follows: “On the first day I often had difficulties with my drives. Today I played more stable, but was unable to capitalise on many birdie opportunities. I’m feeling good before the last day of the competition, and I’m not far behind from the first place. The weather should be less windy, which gives better chances for birdies. I’m looking forward to a good final score.”

The competition is also tight in the men’s amateur count, still led by Finns. Ilari Saulo (Keimola Golf) had a great round and stayed on the top with a total result of 143 strokes (-1). The second place is still held by Tyko Tuohimaa (Pickala Golf), whose result today was +2. On the scoreboard after two days, Fred Koskinen (150 strokes) is only two strokes behind. Right after him, three players share a total of 151 strokes: Oscar Parviainen (Pickala Golf), Mattias Varjun (Niitvälja Golfiklubi) ja Rasmus Karlsson (St. Laurence Golf).  The seventh place belongs to Joonas Juan Turba (EGCC), who reached the par for the course and has a total of 152 strokes.

Ilari Saulo comments on today: ”My game was better on the first day, but today I got a better result with a worse game. I had difficulties with my drives on the back nine. All in all, I’m in a good position for the final round.”

The order of the women’s top 3 changed today. Annika Koitmaa (Niitvälja Golfiklubi) is no longer sharing the third place: she was the best woman today with 77 strokes (+5) and is now leading with a total of 159 strokes. Only one stroke behind is Anete Liis Adul (EGCC). Yesterday’s leader Karola Soe (Saaremaa Golfiklubi) is now in the third place, three strokes from the leader. Tomorrow’s final round will definitely not lack excitement.

Annika Koitmaa comments on today: ”My drives were quite bad today, but good puts saved the round. I made 29 puts altogether. I have everything I need for a good final score, if I only get my drives in order.”

The men’s senior count is still led by Marko Palm (Niitvälja Golfiklubi) with 78 strokes (+6) and a total of 158 strokes. The second place was taken by Raivo Velsberg (Niitvälja Golfiklubi) with +11. The third place is shared by Tõnis Segerkrantz (EGCC) and Benno Maaring (Otepää Golfiklubi), both with a total of 171 strokes.

After two days, 3/5 of the players will make the cut and proceed to the final round tomorrow. The final round starts at 8 a.m. and culminates with the prize ceremony at 5 p.m. Follow the up-to-date results HERE and come onsite to cheer for your favourites!

Niitvälja Karikas, played from Friday to Sunday on Niitvälja Golf Course, is the oldest golf tournament in the Baltic states. It is now played for the 27th time. It hosts a total of 126 players from seven different countries with the prize pool worth € 5,000. The competition is supported by Hestia Hotel Group, Orkla Eesti, Saku Õlletehas and Estravel AS.