Niitvälja Golf and Season Golf Academy join forces to develop Estonian golf

Oy Season Golf Ab’s Season Golf Academy (SGA) has for the past five years been an important factor in the success of Estonia’s up-and-coming golfers. Five juniors, Kevin JegersCarl HellatMattias VarjunMarkus Varjun and Ralf Kivi, from the Niitvälja Golf Club have been practicing in SGA’s International Program. Besides winning all their national elite titles over the past years, they have accomplished several outstanding international results.

“Kevin, Mattias, Carl and Markus joined the SGA early as juniors. Through hard work, unrelenting work ethic and structured development program, they excelled in boys and already show great promise at men’s elite level”, head coach David Da Silva describes the potential of the young Estonians.

Kevin, Mattias, Carl and Markus have now advanced into USA college golf on full golf/academic scholarships as a part of their SGA development program. The 16-year-old Ralf Kivi continues in the pre-elite amateur programme and has been joined by three other young Estonians, Hannah Õunap (12 y), Hart Oskar Aoveer (12 y) and Karl Kreevs (15 y).

The co-operation between SGA and Niitvälja Golf is now expanding. From January 2021, Hanna-Maria Tammo, Great Britain and Ireland PGA Golf Professional, who coaches Niitvälja Golf ’s juniors, has joined the SGA coaching team of David Da Silva and Niklas Dahlgren. She will further develop Niitvälja Golf juniors to elite youth level and create scholarship options for them at US colleges. The goal of the deepening co-operation is to develop the next wave of Estonian junior talent and guide the first Estonian to the European and PGA Tour.

“I’m delighted to work for Niitvälja Golf and SGA in advancing Estonian golf. I believe that our concept of co-operation has great potential “, says Hanna-Maria Tammo.

As the oldest and biggest golf club in Estonia, Niitvälja Golf has the responsibility of being an exemplar and a pioneer in developing the Estonian golf culture. From early on, we have wanted to give everyone a chance to play golf. In 2008, we started our own youth training programme at Niitvälja Nike Golf School. Today, more than 100 young players train their skills at Niitvälja – from 5-year-old beginners to elite youth level players, presenting Estonia on the most important international tournaments.  

Author: SGA and Niitvälja Golf
Photo: Joosep Martinson